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A sore throat, and heavy,sleeting snow means being indoors for two days running...yesterday the pool at the YMCA was closed as they are not allowed to be open during a thunderstorm, though they are an indoor pool. The logic is that the electricity from a bolt of lightning might mean the swimmers being water-fried...

And to think that I swim during the rain in Bangalore, and enjoy it so much...the patter of the raindrops as they increase or decrease in volume, the lovely feeling of freshness...the monsoon rains are warm and life-giving...winter rains are cold and dreary, though they do, later in the spring, provide the water for all the greenery to grow...

But I am enjoying this idlicity very much...saw several episodes of the Cosby Show and I am just AMAZED at what sort of things are on TV here....there's a "bizarre food" program, civil court proceedings are televised (and obviously, watched, too)...and of course the innumerable re-runs!
Tags: laziness, rain, television, winter

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