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....What could have kept me from posting my usual 18 entries a day at LJ? An incredibly hectic schedule, that's what. Our departure date has been finalized, and that in itself puts a sense of pressure on us.

On Friday we went to the Planetarium/Omnimax theater (all at the St Louis Science Center) to see the Human Body ....

Which is the companion show to the BodyWorlds3" exhibition that we had seen earlier.

As we saw the little zygote developing,and the mother's joy...tears rolled down my face for what might have been, but wasn't...Thank goodness, DnA saw this show about eight months ago!

But it was a wonderful kind of re-enactment of Fantastic Voyage , a movie which held us spellbound a long time ago (though it did have many logical flaws as the wiki says!)...but in our hurry to get to the show on time, KM and I practically FLEW the 3 mile distance to the Science Center! Coming back, we looked at various birds and had a wonderful walk....I do love walking briskly in really cold weather...and coming back to a warm, lovely home.

DnA, in spite of all they have gone through, have taken the trouble to take us to so many places...all the shopping places for KM for gadgets, and to various wildlife sanctuaries for me...apart from the awful beginning of the trip, the month has flown by, and it's sad to say au revoir once again. WHY can't there be a teleport between St Louis and Bangalore??????

I have not had the time to post the pics from our visit to the Sculpture Park, or the Rockbridge Park...but sometime today, will post SOME pics (FOOZLY!) of the beautiful kestrel in fight in Forest Park, and many other birds that I identified...

Yesterday we had a Carnatic music chamber concert at home, and invited some people over. All of us cooked, Derek made some Supachai, and I sang and was accompanied by Lakshman (can you Indians believe that his wife is actually Rekha?), and later others started singing too, and we went into a medley of Hindi and Tamil old film hits, too....since we had collaborated on the food, too, that was also great. Lakshman Rekha brought this what-CAN-I-say dark chocolate cake ....oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.....

The first guest came at 4 pm and the last guest left at midnight! AND, since we work so well together, this morning, the home is absolutely back to normal...

Today, we are visiting the City Museum in the morning, viewing a home in the afternoon, taking in this play , The Road to Mecca by Athol Fugard , one of my favourite playwrights, introduced to me by the excellent Bangalore theatre group, Rafiki , whose many productions of Fugard I have enjoyed a lot.

In the evening,I want to see what an ISKCON temple looks like in's about an hour-and-a-half walk from home and *gleefully rubs hands and slurps* gives free dinner prasadam.

So that's what our busyyyyyy Sunday is going to be...hope you too have a great time folks!

Thanks for the correction A.
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