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Is age a disease?

Here's an ad:

> From Olay:

I just cannot understand the way we are being culturally conditioned to think of age and its physical manifestations on skin or body tone, as something negative, to be combated with as expensive cosmetics, or surgery. (I am all in favour of regular exercise, but not for "looking young" as a goal, but for physical fitness.)

Age comes, hopefully, with many compensations. I no longer have the horrible mood swings and irritability that go with parts of my abdomen.(I am now irritable and moody ALL of the time.) I have discharged many of the responsibilities of my life and am a fairly free bird. Yes, I may be a bird whose feathers sag in certain places, but if I never was one for a G-string, why should I be bothered about the forces of G? My skin is not taut and supple and smooth, but I actually have far less pimples and outbreaks than I had in the prime of my youth.

I look my age, and I am quite happy to have it that way. From a youth in which every little blemish would cause me to agonize that I was not beautiful or perfect, I have come to a lovely (pun intended) comfortable (madrasi_in_mo and mriga, that word is especially to tickle you!) situation where I am very happy and accepting of my appearance, and though vanity rears its head now and again, it has, for the most part, been conquered.

Why on earth, then, should I get back into an unwinnable battle against Anno Domini? If I am 47 and can make myself look 41 with Oil of Expense, that is very sad, because I am 53...and if I use that ad's way of hiding my age, the number will go UP to 58!

Oh well, the cosmetic, and the cosmetic surgery, industries have to survive, all you 38's out there, go out and buy all those tiny bottles of Age-Reducers With Real Diamond Particles In Them with Baby-Skin Hydroxide crystals and Fountain-Of-Youth complex carbides!
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