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The Offer job offer.

Refer to

...I was, out of the blue, offered a job with Bangalore Walks which is partnering with the Govt of Karnataka, Maple, the caterers, and the Indian Railways (or should I say the Southern Railways) to do this heritage train tour.

The train ride is brand new so the job content will evolve. Hopefully, I will have the skills required, and learn some of them.

I am leaving on the trial train ride today, and it will be a trial for me, too, as I am rated on my abilities; I too will have a chance to see if I can bring the right skills to this, and add value to the tourists' experience of this great State of mine.

I am suffering collywobbles. I am afraid of falling flat on my face. But I also know that given the right circumstances the fit will be good. I was very impressed with Arun Pai and his presentation was excellent, as are his walks. I would like to work for this....

So...wish me luck, someone net the butterflies in my stomach....I am off in a short while.

The train is supposed to be wifi enabled throughout. I am photo-documenting the trip, too. And keeping notes for further improvement on the train run. So you might hear more from me.
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