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What to do when the editorial staff kill you?

I had done an article on kalyan and sent it to Deccan Herald...AFTER letting Kalyan himself go through it. I am rather particular that the subject of an article should not feel misquoted. Kalyan had this problem with the Mumbai press, and in his LJ he clearly mentions that he HATES being called an "IT professional". So I CAREFULLY avoided the phrase and sent it in.

The somewhat decimated article appeared in today's Deccan Herald Supplement (Metrolife I think it is called)...and GUESS WHAT I am SUPPOSED to have described Kalyan as?....There those two words are, grinning at me out of the article...aarrgghhhh!

Sorry kalyan. I did my best, you know that, since you read my article before it was submitted...I plead not guilty...why can't the editorial staff, in editing an article, stick to the words written in it, and not put in words of their own?

I will probably email Rashmi Rao of Metrolife about it...but the damage has been done.
Tags: article, deccan herald, differences, kalyan, newspaper

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