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The beauty of the sunset

A few days ago, I was interviewed in my capacity as a birder (and the author of a "yumerus" article on the Bangalore Bird Race ) by Archana Rai, for Mint, which is the local version of the Wall Street Journal.

Today, Mint's photographer, Hemant Mishra (Nikon D70)took me and two young birders (Nirmit and Abhijna Desai) to Lalbagh for a shoot.

I will be writing about that, but it's nearing Cinderella time, so let me just post some of the images of the sunset that I got today:

sunset glory lalbagh 20D

sunset over lalbagh

Sunset over Lalbagh lake

sunset afterglow lalbagh 270208

Ironic that it's the pollution in Bangalore which gives us such lovely sunrises and sunsets...

And I don't have to say the name of the LJ friend (it begins with A and ends with E and the middle is sakiyum) whom I think of whenever I see the "sky ocean".
Tags: lalbagh, newspaper, photography, sunset

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