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Yes, boysngulls,ladiesngenmun, and all others...I am not dead, but my internet connection nearly was. Took a lot of help from anushsh and sainath (the latter came home to spend a little time and wound up giving me a lot of help as usual) get this thing to the point where I can actually type more than 2 lines without the darnfool thing collapsing on me.

Since that is not lady-like language, I would like to post this very beautiful wildflower that I photographed in Srirangapatna on the Golden Chariot trip.

wildflower at srirangapatna 220208

On Saturday I had a fantastic time in Lalbagh with Mahesh, amoghavarsha and Pavitra; on Sunday, a phenomenally productive birding trip to T G Halli (Thippe Gondena Halli if you want the full name) with sainath, shivakumar_l, anushsh, and I met some very good photographers and saw a variety of birds, including some majestic's a BOOTED EAGLE (sorry, that acme of bird-id-ers, Abhijit Menon-Sen, says he was mistaken, my original id of TAWNY EAGLE was right):

booted eagle Thippe Gondana Halli Dam 020308

Just beginning to post many other pictures to Flickr, so if this hell-sent frustration internet connection keeps up, will be able to catch up soon...Hope all of you had as great a time as I did, over the weekend....two birding trips, a great play, two yum lunches with friends, leisurely walk in the gloaming with spouse....
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