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Should take my own advice..

I am SO good at giving out gyaan. "Don't compare yourself with anyone else," I say wisely to my friends (obviously; my enemies are not going to listen to me.) "You are unique in your own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Don't worry about others."

Then, of course, I don't take my own advice. This was brought home forcibly to me when I went on a birding trip over the weekend, I found myself comparing my sighting skills and photographic skills with the others and feeling quite a dud.

Someone (you know who you are) sent me practically my own words back to me and I realize that's what I should do...why is it that advice has to come from outside? I think wisdom is taking one's own good advice..or, rather, realizing the knowledge behind the words oneself! :)

Meanwhile, sometime today I hope to get to make the posts about the Lalbagh and T G Halli birding trips; but here are three of those super-cute SSO (Sainath's Spotted Owlets) sitting together in beautiful companionship, in Lalbagh:

1-2-3 ! Lalbagh 010308
Tags: birding, lalbagh, photography, spotted owlet

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