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The Lalbagh outing 010308

Mahesh and I decided we would go to Lalbagh quite early, so he picked me up and we went off to see what we could see.

Well, almost the first thing that struck me was the answer to the question, "Why are we here?" which appeared like this:

bird watching tee lalbagh 010308

The gentleman sporting the tee had no objection to my taking a photo of it, and told me he had got it somewhere in 4th T block, Jayanagar!

We went around the lake, and were rewarded by these views of the LITTLE EGRET, clearly showing its characterisitic yellow feet:

little egret lalbagh 010308


little egret with feet in water lalbagh 010308

A single Ficus tree in the park rewarded us with KOELS (remember the tail-of-the-koel that I had posted on

...well, here's a full Koel, finally:

asian koel female 010308

We saw DRONGOS, and this pretty WHITE-CHEEKED BARBET feeding on the figs:

white-cheeked barbet with ficus benjamina lalbagh 010308

The peepal tree had fresh new leaves, glinting copper in the sunlight:

peepal leaves in sunlight lalbagh 010308

And I loved the bark pattern on this tree-trunk:

treetrunk pattern lalbagh 010308

I liked these flowers and fruits:

what plant is this?

It was from the family Euphorbiacae, but I don't know what it is called in common parlance:

what that tree is scientifically called

A couple of Drongos and a CHESTNUT-TAILED STARLING made quite a nice silhouette with this pretty vine:

chestnut-tailed starling and drongo on vine lalbagh 010308

At this point, off we went to check on SSO, and the SPOTTED OWLETS were there, nestling (pun intended) together:

1-2-3 ! Lalbagh 010308

Now amoghavarsha and Pavitra joined us, wanting to see the MOTTLED WOOD OWL

But that bird had an attitude problem that day. It just sat there like this and refused to move:

un cooperative mottled wood owl lalbagh

Very frustrating! We came back, were lucky to have a JUNGLE MYNA posing for us on a nearby tree:

jungle myna lalbagh 010308

And on we went, to wait interminably for breakfast at MTR (I am never going there again)...and came back home, satisfied and somewhat tired from the very bright sunshine!

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