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BSNL broadband....

My internet conection has been been giving intense trouble since I came back, and not all the tech help I am getting from anushsh and Chandan is helping me much. Chandan in fact spent the larger part of last evening sitting with my laptop and finally announced that he had found the problem..." vAsthu is not right!" he said with his dry-humour smile!

My BSNL modem suddenly drops the connection and I have to go to the modem settings and reset my password. I have no clue why this should happen, and the only answer I get from the telephone exchange is that things are fine up to the exchange level.

I woke up at 5 am today, reset my modem password to be able to see my mail and post this...I don't know how I will fare through the day.

If anyone has any suggestions about this...I would love to hear them!

Yesterday, in fact, when I phoned up the complaints number of BSNL, things got even more interesting, as when I tried to register a complaint, the BSNL recorded flow-chart gave me a message that the number I was calling from was "not a working number" so my complaint was not going to be registered! Oh, wow. I am making calls from a dead phone?

I have no idea whether things will rectify themselves or not; Chandan has promised to bring his own modem across for some more diagnostic work.

So I am going to be very Spotty-On-The-Net for a while, and friends, if I am not commenting on your blogs, that's the reason. Also, posting of photographs to Flickr or to LJ may not happen, so entries will be sporadic too I guess.

Enjoy your reprieve from my frequent posts for a while! :)


no matter how small...

That goes for tall, fat, thin, brown, black....too!
Tags: crapola, difficulties, internet

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