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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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The moon
Sets so soon
Over my city....
Perhaps she waxes and wanes
From the energy she loses and gains
She looks lovely at the full...
When she draws up tides with her pull...
So thin she looks now...a pity
That she can't always be a full moon.
But we don't have the boon
Of making the most of ourselves, and being the best.
We wax and wane, too....sometimes being more, sometimes less.

moon 100308

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I saw this same lovely moon last night :-)

There's a song about "the same moon" in Tamizh...will hunt for the song and/or the video and post it for you. To the effect that the same moon that these two lovers are seeing...it's the same moon that lovers like Romeo and Juliet saw....

How lovely that in western Mass, and southern Karnataka, we do see the same thing...

They have it in Japanese poetry too.

I find it profoundly comforting. To think that you and I are admiring the same moon is like sitting next to you in a true, real, way.

Nice poem and I think it's so very true.....i'm in my "waning" mode currently.

well, I hope you wax soon, then!

It's funny...I just posted the pic of the moon..and the words just flowed. I get the same "I'm not in control" feeling when I compose songs in Sanskrit.

You compose songs in Sanskrit?
Please do share

See if this link works:


That's my composition, on Thrishoolam, the temple just opposite Chennai airport.

If that link doesn't work, see if this one does:


and on that page, listen to "thrishoola nAtham".

Alas, the songs have stopped "arriving" lately, perhaps because I don't sing as often as I used to...

and if those links don't work:


heh, heh, heh... must record some more songs, but with this FOUL internet connection....!

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