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The Ramnagara Post

Some of us had been to Ramnagara last year, but after that, senior birders were concerned about the disturbance to the LONG-BILLED VULTURES, so birders have stopped going there now. But I think, after seeing amoghavarsha's post today, enough time has elapsed that I can post my bird photographs on my own blog at least.....

Here's my usual sunrise photo:

sunrise in ramnagara 021207

Ramnagara is a beautiful place, and I have posted about the beauty of the Ramagiri temple there at

Let me show you this lovely scene...I call that centre rock the "Eternal Triangle"!

beautiful scenery at ramnagara

There is an old ruined structure on the lower part of the sheet rock; it might have been a temple at one time, I don't know, but it looks picturesque:

ruined temple at ramnagara

Some more of my pics of the Ramagiri Temple area are at

A really beautiful, scenic spot!

Here's the Egyptian Vulture, soaring overhead:

egyptian vulture ramnagara 021207

It's a beautiful bird, which I have sighted at Nandi Hills, too.

And here is the Long-Billed Vulture, taking off from the rock face:

long-billed vulture take off 021207

And here the magnificient bird is in flight:

longbilled vulture in flight 021207

And here it is, landing:

long-billed vulture landing

I find that these birds are not uncommon in north India (I saw many of them in Kanha) but the idea of the informal ban was that one should not disturb their nesting site here, as their numbers here are very, very low.
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