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Got my ertia...

Immediately I made my last post, I went and got my swimsuit and OFFIWENT. And frankly, when I stepped into the pre-swim shower, AND when I stepped into the pool, I regretted it. I think my eerie water-is-too-COLD cry could be heard in all the flats in my apartment building and mothers are still probably comforting their trembling toddlers. There was a fair wind blowing today, too, and it was cooler than it usually is at this time of year...... and it felt, for the first 5 or 6 laps, as if someone had filled up the pool with the contents of their just-melted ice trays. Well, I didn't actually see polar bears or the march of the penguins, but you get the...drift?

But I stuck to it, did my usual 30 laps (it's a little it a poolette, or a pooling) that's about...perhaps those 30 laps are equal to 15 full-size pool laps, maybe 20...wish it's the latter! Must find out the dimensions of our poolette...) and felt fact, for a little while, I had a complexion of a delicate and intriguing shade of blue... but was warmed by the feeling that YES... I did it! (as Higgins says in My Fair Lady).

I do love the great fresh feeling swimming gives, and also the fact that I keep my dinner all ready on the table, and come back and tuck in guiltlessly!

Thank you for the nudge, inspirethoughts!

Go to Google Earth. Go to Bangalore. Go to Casa Ansal Apartments...and that little dot going up and down, up and down, up and ME!! :))))

Tra-la, off to Lalbagh tomorrow morning...
Tags: humour, swimming

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