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Honest Ad, like the Honest Ed who sells cars in the US....

Been working feverishly to post pics to Flickr, check on friends' blogs (haven't got past LJ to Blogger posts yet!) and deal with all the other stuff that has to be done, while I have the internet connection up and running...

It is very irritating not to know just WHAT is wrong, and whether the problem will recur at any time (it could....) it could be BSNL, it could be my modem, it could be interference (latest diagnosis from Chandan ) from a newly-bought-by-neighbour-mobile-phone....or of course, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express are NOT the greatest pieces of software...

That's why this lovely, unintentionally honest ad by Microsoft caught my eye today.

microsoft turkey time mag 7 jan 08

That was in the 7th Jan (Putin is Person of the Year) issue of Time Magazine.

Microsoft IS a turkey, and they're not chicken enough to hide the fact! :)
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