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Sometimes they miss the smile....

When people are very immersed in their subject, sometimes the humour of it escapes them. Here's an email I got on a mailing list that I belong to:

Dear xxx

The cat was spotted on a garden plant of Mussanda at the
rest house in Miao,Arunachal Pradesh

The "cat" in question is actually a caterpillar...but the mention of a cat from a place called Miao set me laughing when the mail was quite a serious one! :)))

I never knew that there WAS a place called Miao...I can just imagine myself going to the travel agent, and him saying, "Where do you want to go?" and I reply "Miao", and he says, "When you finish your animal impersonations, will you tell me where you want to go?"....
Tags: butterflies, humour

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