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One of those rare times

Depression is an uninvited guest. Why on earth should I feel so low when there is nothing to justify it?

What should I do? I don't feel loved or appreciated. The tears prick too easily behind my eyelids and if I don't exercise iron self-control, they spill over very fast. What happened to my cheerfulness, my usual sunny outlook on life? Why this grey shadow on my heart?

Note to myself: check where my bootstraps are. Catch hold of them. Pull myself up by them. And goodness, woman, there are people out there who are battling with ENORMOUS stuff who manage to smile..from the heart, and spread the happiness around don't sit and MOPE!

Anti-mope advice not working just yet...should kick in shortly, though. :( will turn to :)as usual in a while.
Tags: happiness, sadness, smiley face

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