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A friend of mine expressed a wish that she could be young again...

I don't want to be young again.I was young, and enjoyed it...but I am enjoying life as much, if not more, now than I was when I was I don't have those pesky, painful, mood-swinging times of the month, I have not to rush for school and office timings, no worries about young children and wondering if my decisions about others' lives would turn out well or not; freedom to travel whenver I wish, and general good health ...I have gained confidence in myself and am so comfortable in my skin and the way I look. I do not need to look "beautiful" all the time, and can pass mirrors without obsessed to look into them. I can do whatever activity I feel interested in, without worrying about whether it will be "suitable" for me....I find I have not lost my curiosity and eagerness to taste what life has to offer...I LOVE my life now!

And if I was to die tomorrow, I will die without a regret, because my life has been happy.

And since it is Valentine's Day, I will add...I have been married to someone who has always let me be myself and given me the kind of freedom that VERY few Indian husbands are capable of. My best friend and much else besides...thank you!
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