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Vine at IISc CES

The IISc campus is always beautiful to walk in; the tree canopy meets overhead, so even on the hottest of days, one walks through a dim green light.

scene with palm fronds and pillars IISc 160408

We had gone to the Centre for Ecological Studies, to see the documentary by David Attenborough being screened (this one was about how various insects, after long periods in the water or the undergrowth, take to the air)...and in front of the building was this amazing vine. What a beautiful abstract picture it makes against the wall...

pattern of vine against stucco wall IISc 160408

What vine it is, I do not know, but it's most amazing, twisting and turning as it grew:

vine at CES IISc 150408 closeup

Here's another view of it against another part of the building wall:

vine with red tile background IISc 150408

Here's the trunk where it comes up from the ground; it's twisted and spiralled over what must have been the original trunk of the tree supporting it:

base of the vine IISc 160408

And here's a view of it from a little distance, looks like an explosion of spirals!

vines in front of ECS, IISc 150408

It's hard and woody and quite old now, and incredibly beautiful!
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