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The Circle Goddess

I don't like posting about current events and politics and such, because there are plenty of others who do that much better than I do.

So, not a word about the Twenty20 match, the CET exams tomorrow and the day after, and the earthquake that my daughter felt....

So here's Sri Circle Goddess....

Here's the pretty temple:

circle maramman temple c v raman nagar 170408

and here's the sign :

sri circle maramman temple sign 180408

The name is given because the temple is situated on Sir C V Raman Circle. And it's interesting that the Indian Institute of Science is referred to in the sign as Rashtriya Vigyana Mandira...which also translates to National Temple for Science.

And here's the goddess, preparing to pierce the evil hide of the demon. His face is hidden behind the foliage of the tree (I could not enter further without removing my footwear) but I like the fairly polite way she is just sort of poking his epidermis with that spear, and he looks as if he would kill her with just his underarm B.O.

devi performing hernia operation "sri circle maramman" temple C V Raman Nagar 180408

There are plenty of such beautiful temples dotting this lovely city of mine....
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