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LJ .....

An LJ post about LJ!

But first, a picture of Plumeria alba or the Frangipani, which I shot in the garden while I was locked out of the flat (but that's another story!)

plumeria alba 190408

Last week, it was fun meeting up with usha123; she has a lovely, "green" and eco-friendly home (built that way before such things became fashionable) and she invited us over to see the Spotted Owlets that sat in a nearby tree. We went and stuffed ourselves on the lovely mango rice that she had made for Ugadi; but naturally, with Ms.Murphy's luck, the owlets never showed up! But we had a lovely evening chatting.

And today, I was pinged by wiredforlife, about B R Hills and how to get there, and so on. We had a nice long conversation; he visits JLR properties as regularly as he can, and his favourite is Bhadra he says...but wait until he sees K.Gudi! :)

He's been a reader of my posts and I hope that he's going to comment a little more than he has so far...

I must say that LJ gives me a great sense of community, and while I am sure there are many fringes to it, the part of the LJ pond that I swim in seems familiar and reasonably secure to me. Because I live in Bangalore, many of my LJ friends are my "F2F" (as the techies might say...Face to Face I mean) friends too. I realize that on blogs, "friends" may often be just contacts, not friends, but real friendship does seem to happen on LJ.

But then, I have so many friends whose blogs I follow on Blogger, too, and a few on friends list takes quite a while to read, and I am happy about that!

My friends' list looks rather like this:

ixora 190408

.... a bunch of fairly nice individuals!
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