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The heat

I know people who are "larks" and "owls" a similar fashion, I know people who are "warm weather" and "cool weather" persons.

I, for example, am a CWP...Cool (actually, COLD!) Weather Person. Heat saps my energy and makes me very slothful. I can barely drag myself into the pool in the evening for the only exercise that is possible during hot weather.... Cold weather brings me alive; I can be outdoors all day long, wear extra clothes and walk or cycle all over, and am very happy, because all the extra exercise means I can eat a lot, too! I detest having my clothes stick to me with perspiration, and my hair is a damp mess....

But I know people who are equally avid WWP's. The cold or rainy weather, they say, makes THEM slothful. (KM for example says that cold weather fogs up his brain. The riposte to this is so obvious that I won't make it here.) They are comfortable only in warm weather, and many of them express the view that "sweating it out" literally means eliminating a lot of waste from the body. I don't, obviously, subscribe to this view; I think the body eliminates toxins in one way or another, no matter what the weather. To me, eliminating water through the kidneys is far more acceptable than perspiration, which makes me both wilt and stink....

In fact, much of the city-vs-city controversy here (Bangalore v. Chennai, Bangalore v. Mumbai, etc) seems to be about WWP and CWP' Bangalore, the cribbing starts when the temperature goes beyond 32 deg C, our short summers spoil us for the kind of heat that is seen in North India or the coastal areas, where 40 deg C plus is almost routine, when Bangalore is cool and green with the monsoons in July and August...

So..are you a HWP or a CWP? Answer in detail, using only one side of the paper, and state the reasons why. (If you use the other side of the paper, you are saving paper and hence trees, but you are using up the pencil and hence trees. You can't win.)
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