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Off to Bandipur, tiger, tiger, can you burn a little brighter?

Here's my favourite shot from Bandipur ....

Baby Elephant at Bandipur 9Jun07

Bandipur has always been one of my favourite areas...and what once used to be "Prakruthi" restaurant has now morphed into the Bandipur property of JLR . Almost every room there has a beautifully painted wildlife mural .

Well, since I can do a bit of "swalpa adjust maadi" with itsalouwelylife and her UK friend, I am executing a sneak to Bandipur tomorrow.

Alas, this time I am not going just to see what I can see. Usually, that's what I do. And I come back happy with whatever I saw, but never a glimpse of any stripes.....Then, I was told by someone, when I said that I had never seen a tiger in south India: "You lack focus. You are too happy and contented with what you see, so you will never see a tiger."

OK, this time, focus, focus, focus. Ever since chirdeepshetty went to take up a 2-month voluntary assignment as a naturalist there, he has apparently seen nothing but tigers. They are crawling out of the woodwork....he posted to the JLRNTP egroup about sighting 5 of them recently. And whoever has gone there from the NTP this past week....Praveen, Avinash, Amogh...have been also been doing nothing else.

So having once cancelled my train ticket for today, I went back and bought a bus ticket for tomorrow, and I am FOCUSSSSSSING as I go off. Wish me luck everyone. I have a great fear that these other tiger-sighting characters are swifty exhausting the April 2008 Tiger-Sighting Quota before I arrive there, and will do the usual "The tiger was sighted HERE yesterday" or "Look! Tiger Scat!" (That's a polite and technical way of referring to tiger shit tiger waste-products.) I even had one naturalist who enthused, "OH! It's FRESH and STEAMING!!!" as if it was a fragrant breakfast dish of idlies that he had found.

I don't want tiger claw marks, I don't want pug marks. I don't want to listen to other people's tiger-sighting stories. I WANT MY OWN TIGER SIGHTING IN SOUTH INDIA. This means YOU, you tiger hiding in the forests of Bandipur. Come on out you coquette, I want to see if you actually do exist, or are a piece of these other people's fevered imaginations....

Want to see some of my Bandipur posts?

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adarshraju told me he hopes I will sight one. That was nice of him.

He also told Anush not to go with me as anyone with me would never see a tiger. That is NOT nice of him. I am deciding whether to smile at him or growl at him the next time I see him....

I do love Bandipur, tiger or no tiger. But I would prefer tiger to no tiger... Sigh.
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