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The only thing I really miss...

Had a somewhat hectic weekend, with the JLRNTP, an excellent photography workshop by kalyan and the monthly QuizFamilies meet (which this time was a lunch quiz)....I never missed being off the net, but one thing I do have to catch up on is...friends' posts on both LJ and Blogger...and there is so much of interesting stuff that I feel frustrated that I don't have the time to consider them and write commments. Me, I love to talk!

So instead of my opinions or more's a nice picture of Mr Bill and Ms Coo, on a balcony somewhere in my area....

I read somewhere once, "How nice if we were oviparious instead of viviparous...if we wanted to, we could have children, if we didn't want to, we could have breakfast!"
Tags: birding, photography, weekend

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