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About the kaadupapa...

Read an article in today's Times of India, that the slender loris is being hunted unmercifully, for certain (mythical) properties that its body parts possess....its eyes are supposed to be good for eye infections, some body parts are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, and so on...each animal is valued at Rs.30,000 or more...a dangerous thing to have that value on one's head!

What an irony...we go to the jungles to try and catch sight of this elusive animal, and we can't even see it..and here are these poachers who apparently catch it and kill it...perhaps that is the very reason the loris is becoming ever more elusive.

Wrote to kaadupapa that his namesake was in the news....
Tags: article, friends, lj, mammals, newspaper, night, slender loris, wildlife

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