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My favouritest watch

I love this has a dial that is blue at certain angles and green at others; it is digital, which I love in a watch. It has a large, easily-read number display. It has dual timings (I can see what time it is for my daughter, half-way across the world),a timer, a stopwatch,and five different alarms, and the usual day/date displays too. And it has a light-up display, which makes it so convenient when I am, for example, sitting in a movie or play. is the only design I have seen till now, for a digital watch to come anywhere close to being aesthetic. The name of the maker is "Armitron" (God knows who that is) and the price? Ten dollars at some mall in Los Angeles!

I time my walks, set myself alarms for lots of activities, and it is an inseparable companion on my wrist...I thank my brother-in-law, who bought it for me, every time I look at it!

Do other women prefer digital watches to analog ones, or am I unusual? My only gripe is that I have never yet found a digital dress watch...or I would wear one with my Kanjeevarams too!
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