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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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"mAmbazha colour"....
madrasi_in_mo posted about how her son was distinguishing colours, and that too, in Tamizh...and she said in response to my comment, that "mAmbhazha colour" (colour of ripe mango) could not be called orange...

Well, here's a cut Alphonso mango:

And I think that's orange....but perhaps she feels it should be darker.

And yes, right now, that mango is inside me. BURP! Who has the inclination to make mango ice-cream or juice or anything else when it can just go IN right away?

KM will return from Chennai to find one jewel less in the fruit treasury.... *evil grin*. Man go out of town, woman eat up mango!

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Ah well, this does seem like orange to me - I had a different shade in mind when I thought of mangoes. :)
Anyway, we do not want to confuse him now by saying a mango is orange in colour (he knows an orange is orange in colour).
BTW, I found on one dictionary, that the word for orange in Tamizh is: "semmanjal". :)

Are Alphonso and Badami, same?


Can I come and help deplete the treasury further?

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