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Votive flowers

While we were on the Heritage Inner-City walk (will let you know when it goes live on Citizen Matters....have written it as a photo-essay and it might be chopped down....) we visited a Dargah which attracts visitors from every religion, and welcomes them, too.

Here are some Gerberas, which are votive offerings....

votive flowers at the Dargah heritage walk 180508

I just *loved* the bold colours in the photograph!

The flight that our friend is on, is late, so our drive is also postponed...and I don't know when we are going to reach Dindugul, our night halt...I suspect, in time for breakfast!

Will try to find some "Arignar Anna INayam" parlour (some internet parlour named after a politician, I mean!) and will see if I can keep contact....but if not, sayonara for a week...!
Tags: colour, heritage, photography, travel, walk

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