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Some of the flowers of Kodaikanal

I know it is summer because the electricity (and, therefore, the net connection) keeps coming and going....!

Here are a couple of unidentified flowers that I snapped in Kodai, which has a great profusion of both wildflowers and ornamental ones...

unid ornamental red star-like flower kodai 230508

and this very pretty one....

blue and pink raceme un id kodai 210508

Though these are common wildflowers, I liked the backlight:

backlit wildflowers kodai cottage carlton 240508

Lilies bloom all over Kodaikanal Lake:

lily in the evening kodai 240508

For other flower pictures, click on any of these photos and they will take you to the Flickr id where I have uploaded other flower pictures....That's the trouble with not having a net connection; the photos pile up and become too many to post about!
Tags: flowers, photography, travel

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