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Some more (common) birds of Kodai....

It was fun watching bird behaviour rather than looking for new birds; and here are some more photos, which I warn you are of variable quality (it's all the birds' fault of course.)

Here's the VELVET-FRONTED NUTHATCH; they are quick, restless birds and it is very difficult to capture them as they flit about on the tree-trunks, now in sight, now not....

velvet-fronted nuthatch on branch of tree kodai 240508

velvet-fronted nuthatch kodai 220508

I was enthralled at the lively PIED WAGTAILS, which flew around everywhere, not bothered by the crowds. Here are three of them, sitting companionably near the lake:

pied wagtails kodai lake 220508

And here's one, delightfully walking around on the lily leaves in search of food.

pied wagtail walking on lily leaves kodai lake 220508

Our friend remarked that the two below must be an Indian married couple....see how the wife follows dutifully, a few steps behind, he said!

you go ahead, I will follow dutifully...wagtails at Kodai 240508

This POND HERON, the only one I saw on the lake (where were the friends and relatives without whom no one comes to Kodai?) seemed to do fine in terms of fishing.

pond heron pose 230508

The LONG-TAILED SHRIKES, too, could be seen everyday, around the lake area:

long-tailed shrike in bushes kodai 230508

I got this quick-let's-get-it shot of the shrike's habitat, with the bird flying up from the reeds:

long-tailed shrike in flight kodai 230508

Then there were the RED-WHISKERED BULBULS all around, and wet or dry, they got their beetles regularly!

red whiskered bulbul with catch

Even the JUNGLE MYNAHS, which one normally passes over, delighted me with their behaviour on the lawns of the hotel we stayed at. One is poking under a dry leaf to see what food can be found:

anything under this dry leaf that I can eat? mynah kodai 220508

This Mynah (the COMMON MYNAHS and the JUNGLE MYNAHS seem to be interbreeding....I see a lot more of the latter in urban areas now) was busy getting in some home decor!

myna with nesting material kodai 240508

That, and the PIED BUSCHAT GREBES (DABCHICKS) that I posted about earlier , comprise the birds that I was able to photograph; the ORANGE-AND-BLACK FLYCATCHER and the LAUGHING THRUSH did oblige me by showing themselves, but late in the evening when I had left the cameras at home and was just walking around the lake.
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