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My typing is going to the canines...

I recently read someone's post about their fingers going wonky while typing...well, I lost the art of good handwriting some time ago when I realized I could type faster than I write... but now the typing is going, too...

I keep typing "fiends" when I want to type "friends". I recently typed (but thankfully did not send out before catching the error) an email asking someone to get three shirts, but left out the "r" in the word. I made someone an "expat" instead of an "expert", and sent the poor lady out of the country needlessly. When I wanted to talk about the queen in a story, I typed "queer". And I just typed "tying" instead of "typing". The problem is, a spell-check will not catch these terrors, sorry, errors.

It also sometimes happens that one or the other of my hands (or sometimes both) are off by one letter on the keyboard, and then some gibberish rcsmplr, yhid (that was "for example, this", when my left hand had the little finger on "s" instead of "a".)

How many of you have taken typing classes, beginning with "asdf;lkj" and going up to "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs"? Then came the numbers and their upper-cases...but now the computer keyboard has some keys that never appeared on a typewriter...some of them make life easier, some of them not.

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