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One of my favourite songs on death, bereavement, and philosophy. The movie is "pAlum pazhamum" (milk and fruits, given traditionally for the nuptials after the wedding); the actor is "Sivaji" Ganesan. The actor, in the movie, is a doctor who has lost his wife.

And the lyrics are by that immortal poet, KannadAsan....poetry is the art of tugging at one's heart-strings with just a few syllables.

Unfortunately, the embedding is disabled, a user-unfriendly thing that people often do,don't know why...

The lyrics:

OhO OhO.....

pOnAl pOgattum pOdA....pOnAl pOgattum pOdA...
intha bhoomiyil nilaiyAy vAzhnthavar yAradA...pOnAl pOgattum pOdA...

vanthathu theriyum...pOvathu engEy? vAshal namakkEy theriyAthu!
vanthavarellAm thangi vittAl intha maNNil namakkEy idam Eythu?
vAzhkkai enbathu vyAbhARam--varum jananam enbathu varavAgum,athil maraNam enbhathu selavAgum...(pOnAl)

iraval thanthavan kEtkinrAn...adhai "illai" enrAl avan viduvAnA?
uravai solli azhuvathanAlEy uyirai meendum tharuvAnA?
kookkurAlEy kidaikkAthu..athu court-kku pOnAl jeyikkAthu...
antha kOttaiyil nuzhainthAl thirumbAthu... (pOnAL)

elumbukkum shathaikkum marutthuvam kaNdEn...itharkkoru marunthai kaNdEnA?
irunthAl avaLai thannan thaniyEy eriyum neruppil viduvEnA?
namakkum mElEy oruvanadA....avan nAlum therintha thalaivanadA...dinam nAtakam Adum kalaigynadA...(pOnAl)

Let it go...let it go....has anyone lived for ever on this earth?

Our arrival is known...where are we going? We do not know (the doorway of our) life!
If all of us remained on earth for ever, how would we have room for everyone?
Life is a transaction....birth is an income, and death an expense...

Let it go...

The One who has lent it (a life) to us, is asking for it back, will He let us go if we say 'no'?
If we cite our relationship and weep, will He give the life back?
We can't get it back by crying out, this is one case that we cannot win at court....
If (the life) enters that fort, it will not return...

Let it go...

I discovered how to treat bone and flesh, did I find a way to treat this (death)?
If I had, would I let her all alone in the burning fire?
There is One above us, who is the Leader who knows all, who is the Artiste who plays out the daily drama....

Let it go, let it go...has anyone lived for ever on earth? Let it go....

What I like about the video is that they show various birds and animals of prey, the scavengers.... and that illustrates how the human body is as much part of the chain of Nature as anything in the forest....

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