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The three things that help me...

Many of my relatives were aghast when I decided not to do a professional course (particularly, the medical course that my parents were hoping I would do) and decided on studying English, and Philosophy instead, and took up music very seriously.

I think I had a Liberal Arts education....before the term was invented.

But today, whenever I have to face a crisis, these three things...the ability to express myself, the philosophy that I studied, and the music that I practiced so sincerely.....they stand me in good stead. They prevent me from slipping deep into the Slough of Despond that Chaucer talked about, and bear me up to face life once again, and start over with a smile.

"tum ithnA jO muskurA rahEy hO...kyA gam hai jiskO cchupA rahEy ho?" goes a beautiful ghazal by Kaifi Azmi.

Who knows how many tears others' smiles cover?
Tags: bereavement, death, music, philosophy, writing

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