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Q. If one has undergone a bereavement that still has that raw-wound quality, touch-and-I-wince, after nearly a month....what does one do that will provide a little comfort?

A. One sees an excellent play and walks back in the pouring rain, clutching one's bag close under the umbrella, for fear of the MLC, and the notes for the play review, and eating a chocolate ice-cream cone.

I walked in silence for the most part, letting the pouring rain give me some peace. As the dark clouds roiled overhead, I felt some of the dark clouds in my mind shifting...a little...

amoghavarsha sent me lovely pictures of my parents when he visited Chennai last time; little did I know that I would require one of my brother, too....sobering realization, that I am the only one of my immediate family left alive.

Am quite concerned about someone else far away, too...I never worry about money, but health is something that is just not under our control sometimes.

To cheer myself up a little more:

Here's another view of that beauty, the Scaly-Breasted Munia, it's got some food in its mouth this time!

scaly-breasted munia radiant resort 140708 uma nando wedding

Almost Cinderella time....going to use the Vonage phone now....
Tags: bereavement, health, monsoon

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