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Rationally, I know that once I accept myself with my faults, I will be a much happier person, and others will not have the power to upset my equilibrium...and also, I will find it much easier to accept others, with their faults,too. But trying to do it is different from actually getting there....

Trying to find some activity that will take care of my SPARE time, and not time in the evenings and weekends that I like to spend with my spouse...not lucky so far! Most classes and courses are in the evenings and weekends...they are interesting too, sadly!

Enjoying the frequent travelling; I decided that as long as we have good health, and enough money, we must travel as much as we can. India is such a wonderful country, offering incredible variety to those who want to discover her. And a trip to the US seems to be in the offing, too...if we are going, we are going to travel around there, too!
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