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The Kanakabhishekam

This was the first time I have seen a "kankAbhishEkam" performed before the person (OK, man!) actually turned 100; if you have seen a thousand full moons, or if you have seen the face of your son's son's son, you can have this celebration.

Here's the chirpy octagenarian (87) in his natty suit, ready for cocktails and dinner on the eve of the celebration:

gjr in his suit and bowtie

Here are the four generations (men of course, do women ever get a look in?) of the family:

janakiram,ramesh,dushyant, siddharth..the four generations

For the religious funtion, a shiva linga was created, and pooja done to it on stage:

linga pooja

The "kalasham" or holy pot had water which was ritually sanctified:

pooja and kalasham

A gold-plated sieve was taken, and gold and silver flowers placed upon it:

gold and silver flowers

The family then joined together in pouring the sanctified water through the sieve. I have seen one kanakabhishekam (Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Mutth) where actual gold coins were showered on the man (which was quite uncomfortable for the centenarian!)


Here's the great-grandfather, with the great-grandson who made the celebration possible!

janakiram and dushyant

Here's wishing that we attend the actual 100th birthday, too! (I hope WE are alive and healthy enough!)

The celebration was held in the 120 year old Chiraan Fort, which is a private club now, and it was a real architectural jewel...but more about that later!
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