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Two images from the trip to Masinagudi and Bandipur

I must thank Avinash (a friend from the JLRNTP, and several other voluntary initiatives) for a wonderful day today yesterday.

Here's the I of the E...the eye of the elephant:

I of the E...eye of the elephant

That's the mother.

And here's the child (remember, for me, Bandipur is *always* a place where I see mother-and-child pairs of all species!)

baby elephant

I was in Bandipur the day after this fellow was born. Now...I am watching the baby grow up....the cutest little toddler imaginable.

The mother is Jarisha (I don't know how that is spelt.) The son is Krishna.

More images, and an account, especially of Avi's tiger shoes, will follow.
Tags: bandipur, birding, forest, jlr, ntp, photography, wildlife

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