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Athol Fougard...

...a South African playwright who has, over the years, become one of my favourites. We went to see a production of "Valley Song" by Arundhati Raja's Rep Theatre. It was very good. The singing was excellent too and it was an evening well-spent.

The only beef I have is that there was NO introduction, no giving of the actors' names at the end (even Arundhati Raja was introduced as "our director" without giving her name), and no other technical credits. A friend of mine said, "Oh, we know all of them!"...but the friend with whom I had gone, and I, DIDN'T know ANY of fact, I had never met Arundhati Raja before, only seen Jagdish Raja at some of the quizzes he has conducted. ( I am *NOT* a page 3 person!) Every theatre group cannot assume that the entire audience knows their identities...they must identify themselves during the course of the evening. When bad theatre groups make a big deal of announcing the names of everyone associated with a production, it's sad that good ones forgo this important part of theatre.
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