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Messages on a Truck

Lorries often come with messages and I have made posts about it before .

Here's a "dOhA" (couplet) on the back of a truck that we passed on our way to Bandipur:

doha on truck

This is in Khadiboli, a dialect of Hindi. Phonetically:

seekh thAhi kO deejiyEy, jAkO seekh suhAy.
seekh na deejai vAnarA, ghar chidiyA kO jAy.

"Teach only those who can use the teachings well.
Do not teach the monkey to visit the nest of the bird."


And then there is

chamchOn sEy sAvdhAn...(beware of sycophants)...a good warning, but one almost never heeded!

We had a friend who would flatter people by saying, "Sir, you are too smart to fall for flattery!" It invariably worked, too. :)

The same truck had a haunting message at a lower level:

ghar kab aoge

Of course, there is the standard "mA kA AsheervAd" (mother's blessings), but below that is the query that most families at home would ask of the truck driver....

ghar kab AOgEy? (when will you come home?)

Yes, oh traveller...when will you come home?
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