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Lovely time in Hyderabad...

Came to Hyderabad on Friday to cool, rainy weather...instantly decided to visit the Ramoji Film City, and it was a lot of fun. The Wild West Show was quite well done! On Saturday, went pearl shopping (at one stroke I solved my "what-to-give-as-gifts?" problem for this Christmas just before the wedding we will attend at Connecticut..there are going to be about 18 people, 9 of them women...well, my gift to each of them is going to be a pearl necklace! Yesterday evening, went out for dinner, and a drive to Husain Sagar...there are lovely open areas where we felt safe sitting and chatting until rare in an Indian city to find this kind of public space, clean and safe too. Had a great time. Wish we had this kind of public space in Blr...Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park are OK for the daytime but there is nowhere to drive to at night and just sit and chat. I love that the normal weather would not be like this!
Tags: india, marriage, travel, weather

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