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Birthday celebrations...

Was trying to feel equable about the fact that my spouse would be in Pune for his birthday...(he doesn't really celebrate birthdays, he says all days when we are alive and healthy should be celebrated equally)...then the generous guy asked me if I would like to come along...I just finished booking my tickets on Spicejet (it's generally half the price of Jet Airways. I don't see the point of paying around 2.5K extra to get upma and button idlis and a small bottle of water!) We are going to invite a few friends for dinner and bask in the warmth of old friendships.

I have mentioned elsewhere how unusual an Indian man he is...he lets me be myself at all times...and when I see him I don't see the middle-aged, aged-middle person every one else sees, I just see the smart 28 year old with the great sense of humour who made me forget my reservations about lack of height, myopia, age difference and living in Chennai (well..the last one I *still* detest!)...a big-hearted, wonderful person full of the joy of life,who likes to have the best of everything.... who, I hope, will be at my side for the rest of my life.

Happy Birthday...tomorrow.... to my truly better half!
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