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One of the people who stands very high on my "EXPHO" (Excellent Photographers) list is yathin. I am sure he will be horrified at this compliment. But of the many people I know, he takes such excellent images, and his love of the subject just sings from every frame.

Here are some photographs he has just posted:

I can't compare the photographs. I just look, and enjoy each one. No matter if I have the bestest camera in the whole world...I could never, ever, produce images like these.

A couple of them brought involuntary tears to my eyes. They were not tears of joy or's an interesting concept I have learnt in my life, that there can be tears of beauty. I have shed tears of beauty when I finally saw the Pieta by Michaelangelo. I shed them when I was in the small public terrace in Trump Tower in Manhattan, looked up at the sun right overhead, and saw two perfect concentric rainbows, which I have never seen before or after. I have shed them when I seen the Himalayas, no matter how many times.

Thank you for those images, Yathin.
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