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Two Women

I was travelling by bus and I was idly contemplating the way women are two images.

muslim woman's garment bus 230808

That was the decoration on the over-everything-else black garment that a Muslim woman was wearing, isn't it beautiful?

And this is another woman's foot:

woman's foot bus 230808

I loved the toe-ring, the anklet, the bright salwar, and the design on the sandal...

At a wedding recently, I was looking around at all the sarees and the jewellery that the women wore, and was enjoying myself immensely. But I am not a jewellery/saree person myself...the last time I bought/designed any jewellery was when my daughter got married, and have never felt the urge to buy a saree or a piece of jewellery since then. But I enjoy looking!

I think often of Asha Bhonsle's words during an interview. When asked her opinion about remixes, she said, "Buddhi kO jitnA bhee zevar pehnAO, buddhi to buddi hee hai!" (No matter how much jewellery you put on an old woman, a hag is a hag!"

When women are young..their youth is a beauty in itself, and probably they don't need jewellery at all; when they are old, no amount of jewellery will help in bringing back the radiance of youth! why does jewellery sell so extremely well?!
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