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C and G/Wipro cleanup at Muthathi... and Bheemeshwari

This time we tied up with Wipro to do a cleanup at Muthathi; and on Saturday, the 30th August, we set off in two Wipro buses, with 49 volunteers. Sandeep, Anush and I went in Karthik's jeep as Sandeep needed to go ahead and make arrangements at Bheemeshwari as well, regarding the plastic pickup by JLR. That's going to be a different post (which will be an email to the Clean and Green group) so here are some images of the forest creatures I got during the trip:

On the way to Bheemeshwari, we were very lucky to spot the endangered GRIZZLED SQUIRREL in the canopy:

grizzled squirrel bheemeshwari road 300808

grizzled squirrel wipro cleanup bheemeshwari

Of course my camera was still packed away, but at least one of the two squirrels was visible long enough for me to be able to get it out and get a couple of shots, before it, too, vanished into the green!

Sandeep brought out this dead (and deadly-looking) SPIDER :

dead spider bheemeshwari

Karthik took this good profile shot of the FOREST CALOTES:

forest calotes bheemeshwari 300808

And I got this view:

forest calotes bheemeshwari 300808

There was also this fat little GECKO, so completely camouflaged on the tree trunk near the Bheemeshwari JLR office, that it took me a while to even spot it!

gecko bheemeshwari

Karthik pointed out this beautiful PREYING MANTIS near where we were piling up the plastic trash at Muthathi:

preying mantis bheemeshwari

I loved the cool green shade of the TAMARIND TREES at the Forest Guest House in Muthathi, where we had lunch after the cleanup (and after cleaning ourselves up as well!)

tamarind tree forest guest muthathi 300808

The Clean and Green volunteers never posed for a photograph, but here they are, caught on camera:

Rakesh karthik sandeep anitha anush

That's Rakesh sort of trying to enter the sack; Karthik, the Chief Naturalist of JLR; Sandeep, who is sort of our Chief Volunteer,Anitha, and Anush. Of course, don't forget deponti who took the photograph! We are, of course, hoping that several people from Wipro will also become regulars.

This was the first time I saw this colourful folk musician on the banks of the Kaveri.

folk singer muthathi 300808

He had a plucking instrument, with four strings, which was really beautiful, and kept time with the castanets you can see on his fingers; he sang of the gods and goddesses of the area... Muthathi, Bheemeshwari, and Biligiri Ranganna.

A lovely day, rather marred by a migraine which was in its third day...but that didn't stop me from going; it did stop me, however, from picking up as much trash as I should have.

And yes, it did prevent me from looking for birds..I didn't shoot a single one, can you imagine that? We did, however, spot two MALABAR GREY HORNBILLS as we drove towards Bheemeshwari.
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