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What are you thinking?

Whatever it is you are thinking.....

060908 mysore same to you

So, if your thoughts are nice ones, that's good, otherwise....! Spotted this witty message on an auto in Mysore, where KM and I had a lovely time (well, me more than KM who was rather tired after a very hard week) at the INW I will be posting pictures from the meet, including the baby croc that we saw at Karanji Lake..imagine, a crocodile in an urban lake!

Mysore is a beautiful city, thankfully spared the too-fast-too-soon development of Bangalore (the fact that the highway was under construction, and almost choked off access for a couple of years, helped.) Heritage buildings dot the town, it's green, the parks are incredibly do I think of Mysore? Here's the answer on a bus...

great city bus msg 070908

And why did I post nothing yesterday? I have a whole week's worth of root canal work to get done, and the first appointment was yesterday; the dentist just TOUCHED the base of the tooth, and my sinuses exploded in a rainbow burst of pain, which laid me low throughout the day. Yes, I am better today, thank you.... a lovely walk in the rain yesterday evening helped quite a bit, I am not kidding!
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