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Three flying beauties....

Driving back on Sunday, I realized that I had never gone to Ranganathittu after taking up either birding or photography; but the place would have been crowded,with Sunday trippers and tourists, so we decided to stop the car at the canal area. It was raining, so we used a short break in the showers to explore just a little bit, and were rewarded by the sight of these:

This is the Blacktipped Forest Glory (Vestalis apicalis) Damselfly (Thank you, Karthik!)

black-tipped forest glory damselfly 070908

Ain't she a real beauty? And here's her golden sister:

River Heliodor (Libellago lineata) damsel fly 070908

That, according to Karthik, is the River Heliodor (Libellago lineata) damselfly.

Then Gayathri also showed me this GREY PANSY (thanks for the id, Seshadri!) hiding in the dense greenery:

grey pansy r'thittu canal 070908

For confirmation of id, Seshadri sent me these links:

What beauties lurk in our bushes!
Tags: butterflies, inw, mysore, photography, ranganathittu

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