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The Birds on the INW/Mysore trip, and some reptiles, too...

Non-birding you go.... and bird watchers, if you are looking for rare, uncommon you go...

Some of the birds we spotted in Mysore; first, at the Karanji Lake, a beautiful water body in Mysore town, right next to the Zoo:

One lone SPOT-BILLED PELICAN was alternately swimming and flying around as if to provide photo ops for the INW members:

spot-billed pelican karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

One roost seemed to be a favourite; at one time, one could see a DARTER, two CORMORANTS, and the pelican there:

060908 cormorants darter pelican karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

The trees provided roosting places to these OPEN-BILLED STORKS:

open billed storks Pictures, Images and Photos

The GREY HERON made a lovely pic on the shores of the lake:

grey heron on lakeshore Pictures, Images and Photos

There were flocks of BLACK-HEADED IBIS; one is trying to land in the colony on Karanji lake, I titled this picture "Parking Is Such A Problem In Our Cities Nowadays" on INW!)

black headed ibis landing in colony Pictures, Images and Photos

On the lawns, a JUNGLE MYNAH was wrestling with its catch:

jungle mynah with catch Pictures, Images and Photos

While in the reeds, this PURPLE MOORHEN became the most photographed Moorhen of Mysore:

purple moorhen Pictures, Images and Photos

A LITTLE GREBE (Dabchick) bobbed around:

little grebe karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

Now and then, CORMORANTS would dive in and out of the water:

cormorant in water Pictures, Images and Photos

On the slopes of Chamundi Hills on Sunday morning, with Subhargya Das taking us around, we spotted this GREAT TIT:

great tit in thorny bush Pictures, Images and Photos

An INDIAN ROLLER (the state bird of Karnataka!) showed its flash of blue as it took off:

indian roller takeoff Pictures, Images and Photos

In the Acacia trees, this INDIAN ROBIN didn't seem too bothered by our presence, as long as we held our distance:

indian robin in acacia Pictures, Images and Photos

What I spent a lot of time on that lovely, windy, cloudy Sunday morning was this colony of BAYA WEAVERS' nests.

baya weavers' nests Pictures, Images and Photos

It was lovely to watch flocks of them flying in and out; here's one at the mouth of a nest:

baya weaver at opening of nest Pictures, Images and Photos

One bird was in the act of weaving the nest, very expertly:

baya weaver making nest Pictures, Images and Photos

They would meet and sometimes bicker, and fights sometimes broke out in earnest. Several nests lay dislodged at our feet, and sometimes an egg, too:

baya weaver's egg Pictures, Images and Photos

(Nest photography is prohibited on INW; for fear of the birds' habitat getting disturbed by other photographers.)

A LAUGHING DOVE (which, according to Garima, is the same as the MOURNING DOVE) went trotting up a slope:

laughing dove Pictures, Images and Photos

On the way back to Bangalore, we saw this WHITE-BROWED WAGTAIL bobbing about in the paddy field:

Photobucket Image Hosting

The same field had the BLACK-HEADED IBIS, flying off into the wild blue yonder:

black-headed ibis flight Pictures, Images and Photos

There was also the BLACK IBIS, with its distinctive red head:

black ibis Pictures, Images and Photos

Near it was a RED-WATTLED LAPWING, giving its typical cry:

red-wattled lapwing 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

I also had a sighting of two reptiles I didn't expect; one was this RAT SNAKE, swimming along very fast in Karanji Lake:

rat snake swimming Pictures, Images and Photos

But the great surprise, in an urban lake, was this baby CROCODILE, which lay basking in the evening sun, prompting me to call it...Basker, what else?

baby croc karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

It wasn't shedding crocodile tears, but the baby croc was certainly smiling a crocodile smile, that was lit up by the sunshine!

croc smile Pictures, Images and Photos

More photos...plants, and snaps of Mysore follow...
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