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Mysore...some of the sights....

Since the new highway opened up, Mysore is just a couple of hours' non-stop drive away. (But the stops, with each town having a name assigned to it on the highway signs..."silk town Channapatna, historic town Srirangapatna, sugar town Mandya", and so on.... are SO interesting!)

srirangapatna highway sign Pictures, Images and Photos

We drove into Mysore, but here's a view of the cabin of Mysore railway station, the main building of which is a heritage property...the cabin also looks beautiful...

mysore junction bldg 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

.....don't miss the trash, alas, alas!)

As we drove back from the meet to check into a hotel, we went through some of the very pretty road junctions (called "circles"; they used to exist, once upon a time, in Bangalore, too!)

mysore state bank circle 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's the hotel we finally stayed (I wished we had gone to the Hotel Metropole, also a heritage building, but...heritage buildings might mean crumbling walls and leaky pipes!)

kings kourt hotel mysore 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

Why they think that spelling Kings' Court with two K's is a great idea, I don't know...

Some of the old buildings are still well-maintained; here are the Mounted Police Headquarters.

mounted police hq mysore 060908 Pictures, Images and Photos

Look at the majestic trees!

Karanji Lake itself is green and welcoming....

tree and bamboo karanji lake Pictures, Images and Photos

Looking very much like a scene out of "The Jungle Book", Rajendra Vilas Palace, which is shortly to re-open after renovation, smiles in the sunshine, behind the foliage of Karanji Tank:

rajendra vilas palace from karanji lake 060908 Pictures, Images and Photos

And from the roads of Chamundi Hills, the beauty of Lalitha Mahal Palace hotel (rather seedy nowadays, but still a jewel in its setting) shines forth:

070908 nandi hills view of lalithmahal palace Pictures, Images and Photos

It's our practice, when we show something very beautiful, to "take away the evil eye" by giving the viewer something less delightful, such as a scarecrow, to see. But I must say, this scarecrow was himself looking quite beautiful, in a sunlit field!

scarecrow in field 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

We drove back in alternating sunshine and rain, and I got the monsoon rains lashing the countryside far away; while a goods train chugged past:

monsoon scene on highway Pictures, Images and Photos

A final shot of the beauty of Karanji Lake:

karanji lake 060908 Pictures, Images and Photos
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