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Flowers,plants and Flying Foxes

Some of the flowers that I photographed during the Mysore trip; I have no clue about the id's (I never ever seem to see the same plant twice!!) here goes:

They may have no name as far as I am concerned, but they are still so beautiful:

un id wildflower 070909 Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought of asakiyume who would know which to smell, which to brew into tea, and which to avoid!

un id thorny wildflower 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder if this is related to the DEADLY NIGHTSHADE (Potato Plant) which has similar, but much larger, flowers:

potato-plant like wild plant Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah, one I know. This is the WILD JASMINE and gives off a heavenly, heady scent:

r'thittu canal wild jasmine Pictures, Images and Photos

Apart from the damselflies and dragonflies I posted about earlier, I found this CRICKET,too:

cricket chamundi hills 070908 Pictures, Images and Photos

I wondered if these TERMITE NESTS were now home to snakes:

termite nests Pictures, Images and Photos

On the way back, at Bidadi, I caught sight of some trees with hundreds of fruit bats hanging from them, and we all got off to take pictures:

fruit bat flying Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's a snap that explains why they are called "flying foxes":

fruit bat closeup Pictures, Images and Photos

Here are two fruit bats, bickering amongst themselves:

fruit bats fighting Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah, that's the Mysore trip done...if it takes me a week to document a two-day trip, that's not very efficient!
Tags: inw, karnataka, mammals, mysore, photography, plants, travel, wildlife

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