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Weekend Birds....

To be out in the open air early in the morning, watching the birds slowly becoming active (yes, Bangalore birds are as slow as the rest of us, activity in these cloudy days only starts at around 7.30 or 8 AM!)'s a great joy.

Some of the birds we saw (AND photographed, which wasn't always possible!), in no particular order....

We regularly seem to see this ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD in the area:

oriental honey buzzard

Just see that fierce "raptor" look!

This male INDIAN ROBIN was strutting around, showing his red vent (you can just see it under his tail):

indian robin male 210908

Thankfully, he didn't moon me, as this disrespectful little PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD did:

sunbird mooning me 210908

At the second gate of Valley School, we spotted this HOOPOE:


Our tiny friends the PALE-BILLED FLOWERPECKERs were there in force in the ornamental Cherry trees:

pale-billed flowerpecker

The sight of the WHITE-BROWED BULBUL was a welcome one:

white-browed bulbul

We saw many more of their common RED-VENTED or RED-WHISKERED cousins:

red-whiskered bulbuls

We enjoyed watching several SCALY-BELLIED MUNIAS; at two locations, they were busy building nests. Here's one, probably asking the spouse if the soft furnishings are OK. You can see the long leaf that it's brought in; the munia made repeated trips and the first time, we didn't understand what that long-tailed bird was!

scaly-bellied munia building nest 210908

Another one is eating the grain from the grasses on the road:

scaly-bellied munia eating grain 210908 vs

Which is what several SILVERBILLS were also doing!

silverbill eating grain 210908

Several LAUGHING DOVES were around:

laughing dove 210908

Of course, the WHITE-CHEEKED BARBETS were all around, too, making their typical calls:

small green barbet

I photographed these flowers, I wonder if it is the LAVENDER?

lavender(?) flowers valley school

Some of these ornamental flowers have spread all over the slopes:

un id flower 210908

Two lovely mornings, spent with friends....!
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