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Superb weekend....

Two birding trips, one to Ramnagara and one to Ragihalli in the Bannerghatta Forest evening with old film music and great friends....catching up with old friendships...what could be better? I am a very lucky person.

Four of the most common things one can see on a trip to the outdoors:

The MORNING GLORY (Convolvulus):

backlit morning glory ragihalli 280908

The GARDEN LIZARD (Calotes versicolor)

calotes versicolor ragihalli 280908

The dragonfly (Dontask methisname)

dragonfly ragihalli 270908

And a PALM SQUIRREL (Onceagain noname), straying from the tree for which he is named, and enjoying the fruit of the CASUARINA tree:

squirrel eating casuarina fruit ragihalli 270908

Lots of pics to follow...once I get done with my backlog of work!
Tags: bangalore, bannerghatta, birding, dragonflies, flowers, lizard, mysore, photography, road, squirrel

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